Do you gamble? Generally, I don’t but…



I have to admit that I do occasionally buy a lottery ticket but not very often these days. Years ago I had three lines that I bought every Saturday then when they added another draw on Wednesday, I only bought those if there was a rollover.

Of course, I got the occasional minor win but nothing much and over the weeks, months and years those £1 tickets cost far more than I ever won. But having three set lines always meant they had to be bought as the week they weren’t could be the week they would have won.

That bad habit was discarded at the same time my first marriage ended in divorce in 2011. After remarrying just eight weeks later, my lottery buying pattern changed to what it still is. Today, I just buy one £2 line, the price has increased, just once in a while – and only when it is a rollover. Even better if it is a double or triple rollover.

What’s more, I only ever buy a Lucky Dip ticket, so there is never any pressure to buy a ticket.

This week, though, I bought two Lucky Dip tickets: one for Tuesday’s Euromillions draw for a maximum prize of £22.3 million and another for Wednesday’s £4.3m rollover Lotto draw. These days, I buy tickets online and receive email notification of any win.

Imagine my surprise upon receiving such an email on Tuesday night. Yes, great news, I was a Euromillions winner. I had won….wait for it…the staggering amount of…drum roll please…£6.20! Yes, £6 and 20p. I’ll try not to spend it all at once.

What about the Wednesday Lotto draw? I can almost hear you ask. I am afraid no email, so no win, yet again – although I did win £25 in June.

As far as other gambling is concerned, my dad’s favourite was football pools in which he tried to predict eight score draws but seeing him struggle vainly every week made it certain that they would never interest me. Likewise nor have horse or dog racing although in 2007 I did attend an evening of trotting races in Canada and spent the princely sum of 10 dollars. I will also buy a sweepstake ticket if asked.

On our cruise holidays that Lisa and I enjoy, we do sometimes visit the casino on board. We keep clear of the various gaming tables with their croupiers, though, and just play the slot machines. And we decide in advance how much we are prepared to spend, we regard it as spending not losing, and always stop when that figure is reached. It is the only way.